About Our Farm


CSA PICKUP: Tuesdays or Fridays, from 1-7 pm at The Rodale Institute

All members may switch pickup days on an as-needed basis with prior notice. All members get one double pickup per season for vacation or missed pickup. Email Aimee to schedule.

U-PICK GARDEN is open every day except Sunday. Members must check whiteboard for allowed amounts. THANKS!

Quiet Creek Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture farm located at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA. The farm feeds 250 member families each season from ten acres of certified organic farmland. We offer a unique, full-farm experience for our members, with market-style pickup, a large U-pick garden with flowers, berries, herbs, and select vegetables, as well as over 5 different cooperative shares. This is our 10th year as a successful CSA. Member satisfaction is reflected in our renewal rate: over 70% of our members re-join the farm each year. We are one of the few certified organic CSAs in the Lehigh Valley, and our members can be certain to enjoy produce raised to the highest standards.

For maximum flavor and nutrition, vegetables are harvested at the peak of ripeness, in the cool morning before CSA pickup. We grow unique and heirloom varieties, specially selected for wonderful, rich flavor. Our nutritious produce is also extremely delicious, making healthier eating an easy choice!