About Our Farm

Quiet Creek Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture farm located at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA. The farm feeds two hundred and fifty member families each season from ten acres of certified organic farmland. In addition to CSA shares, the farm features a large upick garden and a local, sustainable food marketplace for CSA members.

Quiet Creek Farm produce is certified organically grown. For maximum flavor and nutrition, vegetables are harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness. Our produce is picked in the cool of the morning no more than a day before CSA pickup, for the ultimate in freshness. We grow unique and heirloom varieties, specially selected for wonderful, rich flavor. Our nutritious produce is also extremely delicious, making healthier eating an easy choice!

At Quiet Creek Farm we believe that the soil is the key to producing healthy food. We utilize organic practices to continually improve the quality of our farm’s soils. We use wise tillage practices, cover crops, fallow periods for all of our fields, and periodic compost applications to foster a healthy soil ecosystem. By managing our soils in this manner, we believe we can provide our farm members with the highest quality, healthy, organic produce possible. We believe the food we eat is only as healthy as the soil in which it grows!